Friday, April 8, 2011

Quote of the Day

From an article in the LATimes about the Marines and their families at Camp Pendleton bracing for the gummint shutdown and possible lack of pay for a while. It's a serious thing for them and nothing to joke about, but this cracked me up:

"If they're not going to pay the military, to turn their back on the guys defending this country, then they're going have trouble" recruiting, a sergeant's wife fumed. "I'll personally tell the C.O. that he can…."

Her rant was cut short when her husband told her to "be quiet. Right now."

Heh. I bet the Times cleaned that one up a little for publication!

The original comment was probably something like:

"Jesus fucking Christ woman! Shut the fuck up right fucking now! You bitch about my E-5 pay all the goddam time, ya wanna see how much I get without these three measly stripes?!"

My sides hurt...

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