Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Headline of the Day

DOJ plan to arrest state licensers, tax dispensaries could doom medical marijuana industry

Apparently Big Pharma has had a moment of prayer with AG Holder.

In my town there is a brand new Smoke Shop (530 587-PUFF). A far cry from the head shops of old, it's a head shop, an idea whose time has come again with the camel's nose under the tent of medical marijuana. I was in there for the first time yesterday, and folks, it's Bong Central. They don't write or fill scrips (I asked), so let's just say they can fully accessorize stress relief.

Of interest to some may be the bong that looks like or is made out of a Newcastle Brown Ale Draught Keg. Heh.

It's a nice place with nice folks and I hope the DOJ hammer doesn't hurt it.

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