Monday, May 2, 2011

Headline of the Day

Fox News congratulates Bush for bin Laden

Well of course they did. Yeesh.

And, following President Obama's announcement of the Al-Qaida leader's death, an anchor for New York-based Fox 5 said "President Obama is in fact dead" before correcting himself after some prompting.

Un-fucking-believable. Correction, all too fucking believable.


Right Rushes To Praise Bush For Obama’s Order To Kill Bin Laden

I give up. Who could have known Bush's brilliant plan to catch bin Laden involved a) getting a brotha in the White House, and b) ten years?

Also, we have a new group called 'deathers' (guess who!) and wingnuts who think Obama's base didn't want OBL caught. Yeesh some more. Hey, Joe, when did Obama ever do anything his 'base' wanted?

The shit is flyin' hot and heavy from the wingnut soreheads today. Hilarious and pathetic.

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