Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughts on the OBL 'Death Photo'

What could possibly inflame the Muslim world over a little photo? Could it be their dislike of graven images?

Or could it be the group photo of SEAL Team 6 with the dead Osama sitting upright front and center, wearing a boonie hat and smoking a joint with a beer in his hand? Maybe it's the Ace of Spades pinned to his forehead with a 7.62 round?

Or maybe it's the grinning trigger man wearing OBL's ears on a string around his neck? Hell, he got him and they're his trophy after all.

Note to Vets of a certain age: Sorry 'bout that, Chief...

In all seriousness, I know SEALs are a lot more professional than pissed-off teenage grunts of times gone by with memories of their buddies skinned and tied to a tree with their balls in their mouths and would never do that, but we've all seen those photos and worse. I'm just sayin'...

Note to those who think I displayed utter tastelessness in this post: Hey, I cleaned it up big time. I left out the horny goat in the photo doing unspeakable-yet-funny things to the corpse-of-honor's orifices.

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