Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Right Wing Noise Machine Spins Up

We knew it would and it's ludicrous.

Hillbilly Report

With the news that America had finally brought terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden to justice one thing could be easily predicted. Despite the fact that George W. Bush failed for so long in doing just that you knew that every right-wing blowhard in America would be somehow calling this a vindication of his failed policies and misled agenda. Well, welcome to right-wing fantasy land. Today the right-wing lunatics at the Heritage Foundation are crediting George W. Bush and the Patriot Act for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

First, the notion that George W. Bush somehow deserves any credit for this is simply ludicrous. Instead of doing his duty to the American people and bringing this man to justice long ago, he abandoned the attempt to bring him to justice allowing him to run free until last night. His "counterterrorism tools" were simply one thing. A vicious attempt to conceal his own incompetence while stealing away real Constitutional rights from Americans. Protections the right-wing have long tried to vanquish.

They did pretty good at it too.

It will be funny to watch the rest of their spin in the coming days. However this time I believe most of America will see the fact of the matter. That fact is that Conservative leadership completely dropped the ball in the months after 9-11. Instead of seeking justice they used it as a propoganda campaign to get a war in Iraq and the stealing of Constitutional protections from Americans. Their only success was doing that and bringing huge war profits to a very few at the cost of us all.

So while some of President Obama's middle-east strategy has disappointed me it is not hard to successfully follow a legacy of failure and idiocy.

Say what they will about the Bush maladministration, as any mechanic can tell you about crapcans, you can't make chicken salad outta chicken shit.

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