Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Because we have to get out ...

Sooner rather than later. I'm putting our pal Montag's post up in toto. Please sign the petition.

Calling all bloggers

I have had enough of that bullshit Kabuki we call the War on Afghanistan. I have started a petition on the White House website calling for us to declare Victory in Afghanistan and get out. I need your help to get 25,000 signatures by April 10. If we get to that number the White House says they will respond. I don't want to hear that it will not do any good. All I want are as many signatures as possible. Please sign and pass it around to as many people as you can.

There is a registration necessary to sign but they are already watching you so it is harmless.

Declare Victory in Afghanistan and bring all troops home now.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, Gordon.

CAFKIA said...

I signed but I disagree with aspects of the premise. We are not and will not be victorious. By pretending to victory we set in motion the process of writing history in such a way as to allow us or some other hapless nation to make the same mistake at some future date.

Fixer said...

My friend, we have been, and will continue to make, making the same mistakes for along time because none learn from the lessons of history. It doesn't matter what we call it as long as we go.

montag said...

Thank you for the post.

CAFKIA when I wrote up the petition I was just angry about the killings and all I was thinking about was Get Out. A cooler head might have written it better but we all want the same end to this disaster. Thank you for signing.