Friday, March 16, 2012

Fuck it...

I'm declaring "Weekend!". It's been raining here for four days. It's only just turned to snow. If we're gonna get our predicted 5-7 feet by Monday it better heavy up pretty quick.

I really like this song and nobody's made a video of it yet so I did. My folks said I'd probably go to my, er, reward on a motorcycle and that's fine with me, thus the subject matter. This song has the best verse I've heard in years:

"If you visit my grave you won't be alone,
I'll be dancin' on my own gravestone,
Bring your pretty woman, bring your fruit of the vine,
A whole lotta laughin' and a little bit o' cryin'! "

Can't ask for much more than that.

The first time I heard this song I was kinda put off by it. After a coupla times I understood - death is the end result of life and the song celebrates it as such. This is actually a pretty happy song. Fullscreen for best effect.

BTW, I put this vid on the band's Facebook page and they liked it and thought it was "trippy".

I See Hawks In L.A. ~ The Spirit Of Death
Thanks to me.


David Aquarius said...

It's fucking snowing in my backyard right NOW! Fucking St. Patrick's Day and I got goddamn snow falling all over my shit.

Yeah...fucking climate change is a goddamn myth, my fat, white ass.

Gordon said...

Good thing there's no climate change, huh? ;-)

David Aquarius said...

Now it's 50 deg. Jeebus Critters, this weather is straight out of a bad acid trip.

Well, maybe not a 'bad' acid trip, ;o)