Saturday, March 17, 2012

Welfare states ...

Dear Mississippi.

Shut the fuck up:

Yes, it's true, as BuzzFlash at Truthout documented a short time ago, the State of Mississippi (MS) "sucks up $2.73 in federal support for every dollar its residents pay in national taxes." In the dog-whistle language of the right wing, that makes the state where 66 percent of GOP voters believe in creationism, an official "welfare state."

In short, the MS state government run out of Jackson is a leech upon the US government, but try telling that to Mitt Romney.


Like my dad used to tell me when I was a kid, as long as I'm supporting you, you'll shut up and do what I tell you.


David Aquarius said...

"Dad, I'm going out with the guys. Can I have 20 bucks for the movie?"

"What've you done this week to deserve 20 bucks?"

"Uhhhh... nuthin."

"When the garage tells me its clean and all the tools you scattered around are happy in their rightful place, then we'll continue this little talk."

Those red assed states could use a little of Dad's wisdom.

montag said...

So if Congress passed a law saying a state only get as much from DC as it pays in to DC could you stand the whining and howling of those curs?

Arthur Mervyn said...

I thought my state, Maryland, was clean until I found out it wasn't. I think all the states surrounding Washington, D.C. receive more tax dollars than they pay in because of the federal facilities based in these states. Oh, well, lumped in with Virginia and Pennsylvania ... :(