Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can't fix stupid ...

Personally, I don't know why anybody gives a shit what people in Mississippi and Alabama think anymore.


In Alabama, 45 percent say he's a Muslim, 41 percent aren't sure and 14 percent think Obama's a Christian. In Mississippi, 52 percent of likely GOP voters say Obama's a Muslim, 36 percent aren’t sure and only 12 percent take his word that he's a Christian.


I mean, come on, who really looks at that part of the country as a hotbed of intellectualism? You know Dems can't win there, no matter what they say. There is no way these people will support a black man in the White House and they're gonna believe what Rush, Hannity, and Fox 'News' tells them.


And it might just be time for this little reminder.

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BadTux said...

Next up: An opinion poll asking potential voters whether the world is flat or not.

WTF? Facts ain't got shit to do with opinions!

- Badtux the "Facts is facts!" Penguin