Friday, March 16, 2012

Quote of the Day

Bill Maher via PoliticalTicker:

"It's no coincidence that the type of tree which God forbade Adam and Eve eating from was the tree of knowledge. Rick Santorum home-schools his children because he does not want them eating that (audio bleep) apple," Maher said. "He wants them locked up in the Christian madrassa that is the family living room, not out in public where they could be infected by the virus of reason."

Home schooling is a great way to keep kids from learning inconvenient things they don't want them to - facts, truth, history, science, etc. An ignorant population is easily frightened and manipulated and will believe the lies the Repugs want them to.


Fixer said...

... the Christian madrassa ...

Yep, fundies is fundies.

Gordon said...

Yep, retard throwbacks is retard throwbacks.