Thursday, March 15, 2012

That Sinking Feeling


For passionate Pacific Islanders, the people of Kiribati are displaying impressive sang-froid. Destined to disappear undersea as a result of climate change, the atoll nation is making arrangements for the day when it will exist only in out-of-date atlases. Kiribati’s government intends to purchase 6,000 acres in Fiji—a land blessed with less precarious sea levels, and, clearly, a very accommodating people—on which to relocate Kiribati’s entire population of 103,000. The projected date for the change of address: 2062.

In case you've never heard of Kiribati, you have. Here's a little movie about it:

Thanks to openflix.


Fixer said...

Always wanted to get out there before it sank. Maybe I'll talk the Mrs into going in a year or two.

Labrys said...

I am a bit astonished that they expect to have until 2062!

Gordon said...

To get the true Kiribati experience, you'll anchor out, descend a cargo net into your Alligator shore ferry, and go ashore to a welcoming committee. Be sure to duck. :-)

Fixer said...

F-man's Kiribati experience (proposed):

1. Board cruise ship in either San Diego or Hawaii.

2. Arrive at Kiribati a few days later after surrendering my liver to the bartender in the Commodore Club.

3. Meet welcoming committee of pretty brown women offering me drinks with fruit and tiny umbrellas.

4. Hang around in bar with pretty brown women while the Mrs. stimulates the local economy.

Heh ...

Gordon said...

Close enough!