Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doughy Pantload is at it again


It should surprise no one that I'm opposed to the recall of Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor whose fate will be decided Tuesday. But that's only in part because I support what he's been trying to do in the Badger State. I'm also against recalls as a matter of principle.

He's a right-winger and by definition wouldn't know 'principle' if it bit him on the ass.

In 2003, I was one of the few conservatives opposed to the recall of Gray Davis, arguably the worst California governor in modern memory.

Except for the two Repug goobernators that preceded and the one who followed him.

Wisconsin's governor is no Schwarzenegger. Walker ran as a full-spectrum conservative promising to take on the political machine. "I was the original'tea party'in Wisconsin," he declared in 2010. The effort to remove Walker from office is not an attempt to hold him accountable for his failures — as it was with Gray Davis — but to punish him for his successes.

It's probably easier to esplain shit to a three-year-old than to a committed wingtard, but I'll try.

Ker-whack! (Dope slap to get his attention) Look, asshole, Walker lied, cheated, and stole to get "success" for the Big Money, NOT the people, of, by, and FOR whom government is supposed to be, and they're PISSED. They don't want to go back to Robber Baron days like the Repugs do.

Note to my Wisconsin friends: Turn out in UNBELIEVABLE numbers today and send that puke home to await his coming indictments.

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