Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ending a deadly drug war

Suggestions by LATimes readers on ending the drug wars. Weak as water. Here's mine:

Decriminalize, or better yet, legalize possession of marijuana.

Beef up interdiction of the cheeb at our southern border. Our 'free market' is perfectly capable of satisfying demand if left to its own devices. Leave Canada alone. Great weed and no war up there that we've heard about.

Send the big brave DEA agents who are so good at busting the places where sick folks get their meds to Mexico to wipe out the baddies in the drug cartels.

That was a grim joke, folks. Then send the Marines (SEALS, SpecOps, 82d Airborne, whomever) down there to rescue what's left of the DEA guys and wipe out the cartels in the process.

We could win TWO drug wars, the Mexicans' and ours.

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