Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Semi-Official CA Primary Election Results

Not that anybody gives a shit...

President, on separate partisan ballots, Obama - 100%, Romney - 79.6%, followed by Ron Paul and the other usual suspects, most of whom already dropped out.

U.S. Senate, 23 candidates, all parties, top two to face off in November, incumbent Dianne Feinstein - 49.3%, followed by some Repug woman nobody's ever heard of at 12.5%. In homage to brain-dead name recognition, Oily Taint came in fourth at 3.1%, followed by a gaggle of others, mostly Repugs.

Propositions. Sounds risqué but it's not. Heh.

Prop 28, Legislators Term Limits, passed handily, thanks to me 'n Mrs. G.

Prop 29, Buck A Pack Tax On Cigarettes To Fund Cancer Research went down 50.8% to 49.2%. I was going to vote 'No' because I don't much care to vote extra taxes on only some people unless they're rich, but when I saw who was against it - R.J.Reynolds and Philip Morris among others - I changed my mind. They dive-bombed the airwaves with $47 million and squeaked it out.

U.S. Congress, District 4, incumbent Tom "Carpetbagger" McClintock(R) won in a mudslide. I voted for the Dem I've never heard of.

Locally, I voted for a judge because he was recommended by an old friend and retired Nevada County Sheriff's Captain who was also in charge of the county jail on one of my stays there. He came to visit me once in the day room just to shoot the shit which caused a goodly amount of consternation amongst the other trustys as if I were an intel plant. Heh. The judge also was recommended by a retired judge who had to make up a charge to rule against me in a land-use case when he couldn't find cause to rule against me on any of the original 23 charges. The plaintiff's lieyer, his former employee, was up for Superior Court judge and he didn't want him to lose a case. Clever bastards, judges. They stick together like priests on pedophile charges.

It wasn't much of an election, with a projected 25% voter turnout which would be a record low for a CA presidential primary. Ho-hum.

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casey said...

Hello Gordon,

One thing to remember the law is for the tribe and no outsiders need apply!