Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quote of the Day

Mr. Aravosis:

Not to go all Pat Robertson, but it is interesting how so many of these phenomena seem to occur in the same places tornadoes hit.

I been saying this for a long time. When natural cataclysms hit Jesusland, it's "God is testing us" but when there's a natural disaster in a blue state "God is showing his displeasure with our decadent lifestyle". If that's true, how come Jesusland is the major recipient of flooding, tornadoes, and all around bad things? Maybe God is trying to tell them something.


Anonymous said...

Maybe God is just sick of blowhards, hypocrites, and creeps like Pat Robertson presuming to speak for Him, and is trying to save the rest of us from them.

montag said...

God is not telling them hard enough. There are still way too many of them.

DBK said...

Today is the 44th anniversary of the assassination of RFK. Some anniversaries always stick with me. Just thought I would mention it.

Gordon said...

I watched RFK get shot live on TV.

.......Dr. Zhang said...

Momma Nature don't like inbreeding. That's why trailer parks get hit so hard. She's also getting pissed off at all the BS coming from the right. They're the ones mostly responsible for fucking up Her oceans, Her streams and rivers, Her mountains and valleys, etc.

As a good friend of mine said once: "If you're a passenger in a car going 100mph, don't fuck with the driver."

In contrast, Momma Nature loves liberals. However, She also loves to rain on all of our outdoor concerts. Who says She don't have a sense of humor?