Thursday, June 7, 2012

Now yer talkin'!


Supporting marijuana legalization and winning elections

Wow! What a concept!

Politicians typically lag behind the voters on social issues, at least publicly. Many elected officials will say in private that they personally support marijuana legalization but fear political repercussions if they “come out” about their support for reform. That dynamic may be shifting. In blue Oregon and California and red Texas, candidates have just succeeded with a pro-reform message. As the momentum builds for marijuana legalization across the country, politicians will have no choice but to get in step with the public. And then we’ll really start to see things change.

"Politicians typically lag behind the voters on social issues." No shit. The only thing they don't lag behind in is cashing checks. They're scared like little girls to piss off their money spinners, in this case the liquor and private prison and law enforcement lobbies, not to mention the anti-fun people on the Puritan right.

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