Monday, July 26, 2004

Convention Blogging

Ezra and Jesse from Pandagon have their press credentials and are providing running commentary from Boston. Go visit. But sometimes they give out a bit too much information. This was Jesse's post earlier:

Okay, so as virtual nobodies, we've learned a valuable lesson. Knowing about parties does not garner you a way in to parties.

Perhaps the most important lesson of this convention, bar none. I really need to get in someone important's pants by Tuesday in order to actually meet people - at this rate, I'm going to be reduced to hoping that someone shows up at one of the events I've already been invited to. I'll even take a Utah Democrat, I swear!

[. . .]

. . . Obviously, since I'm writing this, that means that my mad quest for sex has been stymied for yet another night. . .

[. . .]

Have I mentioned Jesse and Ezra are young (early twenties)? Anyway, being the asshole I am, I wrote this in comments:

I'd bet you can score an invitation via sexual favors. Of course, you might have to give favor to say . . . Teddy Kennedy but hey, anything for the casue, right? That's the spirit! You're young and you should get over the experience with a minimum of therapy. Good luck and say hi to Ted for me.


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