Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Polls, again

Stolen from My DD:

New Zogby State Polls
by Chris Bowers

The new Zogby Battleground polls are up. Kerry leads in 12 of the 16 states, even though Nader was included in the questioning in each of the 16 states. Kerry leads in four 2000 Bush states: Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire and Tennessee. Many of the states are within the margin of error, including all four states where Bush currently leads. Granted, considering the new methodology, the margin of error might be something like 10 points.

The best part is that Bush fails to reach 50% in all 16 states, while Kerry crosses 50 in seven states: MI, MN, NM, PA, OR, WA and WI. In fact, the only Gore state in the poll where Kerry does not cross 50 is Iowa, where he comes in at 49.3 (higher than Bush's standing in any of the sixteen states). The base looks solid, and chances for Bush pickups appear slim.

Works for me.

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