Wednesday, July 28, 2004

There's good news?

So, the fighting is moving south. I thought this area was pacified. From Al-Jazeera:

Wednesday 28 July 2004, 16:19 Makka Time, 13:19 GMT

Iraqi policemen fought alongside US and Ukrainian troops

Thirty-five resistance fighters and seven Iraqi policemen have been killed in a gun battle in southern Iraq, Poland's defence ministry said.

The policemen were fighting alongside US and Ukrainian occupation troops on Wednesday in Al-Suwayrah town in the Polish-controlled zone, a ministry spokesman said in the Polish capital Warsaw.

After the exchange of fire, 40 fighters were arrested.

Ten policemen were also wounded, but the US and Ukrainian soldiers did not suffer any casualties, Lieutenant-Colonel Krzysztof Laszkiewicz said. Polish troops were not actively involved, he added.

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And then there's always Falluja:

In Falluja, four Iraqi policemen were killed on Wednesday when a homemade bomb targeted a joint US and Iraqi convoy, west of the city, a local hospital security officer said.

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And of course in Baghdad:

Meanwhile, two people were killed, including a 13-year-old child, and seven were wounded when a mortar round exploded in a Baghdad residential neighbourhood on Wednesday, hospital doctors said.

The child was killed when the projectile landed on houses in the Rahmaniya district. Three other children were injured, as well as three men and a woman, said a source at the Karama hospital.

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And let's not forget the obligatory troop death for the day:

To the north of Baghdad, a roadside bomb attack on a US patrol killed one soldier and wounded three others on Tuesday, the US military said on Wednesday.

It said the attack was near Balad Ruz, close to the town of Baquba where a car bomb attack killed at least 51 people on Wednesday.

The roadside bomb attack raised to at least 672 the number of US soldiers killed in action in Iraq since the invasion last year.

Another day, another American kid. So how was sovereignty going to reduce the attacks? The spin machine said that the attacks would increase in the days up to the handjob . . . er, handover, and then taper off. It's been a month and the shit's getting worse. I still think we're planning to bug out in a hurry if Bush continues this 'Peace President' bullshit and needs actions to back it up.

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