Thursday, August 5, 2004

From the 'they would never do that' files

From Lambert at Corrente:

Gaslight watch: It just keeps getting better and better!
Now the administration has revealed that part of what really convinced them to go Code Orange in the latest extremely non-political terror alert was not the three- and four-year old files and documents themselves, but—wait for it—the fact that the files were written in perfect English:

[T]he separate flow of information that was arriving at the same time via the Central Intelligence Agency from Pakistan ... was based on information culled from seized computer disks that contained detailed case reports of reconnaissance conducted on buildings in Manhattan, Newark and Washington in 2000 and 2001.

In providing new details about those case reports, senior government officials described them for the first time as discrete documents, each at least 20 pages long and devoted to a particular target, and perhaps most intriguingly, they said, written in "perfect English.''
(via the see-no-evil Times)


"Perfect English?" Sounds like one of those panty-waisted extreme librul Democrat traitors to me!

The malAdministration has a really bad history with the written word in intelligence matters, you know? Remember the "crude forgeries" (here) on Iraq uranium? Remember the Brits lifting a report off the Internet and cutting and pasting it into their own report?

Hey, maybe the document was written in "perfect English" because... Um... No! They would never do that!

Talk amongst yourselves.

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