Wednesday, August 4, 2004


From SKB:

Tennessee fights off Iraqi insurgents
Wednesday August 04, 2004

By way of readers Janet and Peter Jung, Atrios, and about 150 news outlets, you probably heard this news about a group of Iraqis who were denied entry to City Hall in Memphis while there on official business.

It seems the State Department brought the seven Iraqi civic leaders over to tour the U.S. and learn all about democracy and how to operate their government. Memphis city council chairman Joe Brown decided they posed a threat and wouldn't let them attend a scheduled meeting with another city council member.

He said he would have to "evacuate the building and bring in the bomb squads" because they might be dangerous. What a shining example of American values.

Joe Brown is a Democrat and a highly respected community leader and activist. Unfortunately he is now nationally known for being a dickhead who pulls stupid political stunts to get his name in the paper.

OK, then.

Are we that scared?

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