Friday, August 6, 2004

It's getting worse

From The Head Heeb:

Even as the Chadian government wrestles with the problem of housing and feeding hundreds of thousands of refugees from Darfur, a crisis is developing among another group of refugees in Chad: those from the Central African Republic. Some 27,000 refugees from the CAR fled to Chad during the civil war of 2001-03 and, although a national unity government put in place after the March 2003 coup has restored some stability in the capital region, continued provincial unrest has prevented the exiles from returning home. Now, they are facing starvation because the UN World Food Program has run out of money to supply them. Unless more international aid is forthcoming, the CAR refugees will be forced to rely solely on the host communities for food - and given that Chad can barely feed itself, the prospects of adequate local assistance seem grim.

Update: 16:23:

Matt Yglesias:

Invade Sudan?
What would it take to halt genocide in Darfur? Rather a lot, it seems. I think, though, that this sort of all-or-nothing attitude is counterproductive. If you say that 7,000 troops is desperately inadequate, you're going to wind up getting zero. Meanwhile, it seems that 7,000 troops could probably do a great deal of good.

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