Saturday, August 7, 2004

Low-life, rat bastid

This pissed me off. From Kevin T. Kieth at Lean Left:

[. . .]

This asshole fraudulently advertised himself as an abortion service provider and offered abortions at lower cost than local clinics. He also told women who called him that the other clinics were dangerous, and they should deal with him instead. He then systematically misled those women into waiting for an abortion appointment at his "clinic" - which didn't actually exist - making appointments and then canceling them, telling them repeated lies, and continually discouraging them from going to another provider, until they had gotten so far into their pregnancies that they could not afford a (more-expensive) late-term abortion and were forced to carry the pregnancy to term against their will.

[. . .]

His lies and manipulation not only caused women to undergo unwanted pregnancies and deliveries, but stole their personal liberty and demolished their ability to plan for and deal with other difficulties they faced.

[. . .]

Entire post.

Go there and read the whole thing. Makes my fucking blood boil. I want to treat this guy like an Iraqi prisoner.

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