Thursday, August 5, 2004

Our governor

Governor Pataki. At least other people see him the way we do here in NY. From the Farmer at Corrente:

You know how to be sure something is a posed marketing event? It's when George E. Pataki, the Punxsutawney Phil of Republican Party photo-ops, pops up out of whatever burrow hes been snoozing in, blinks into the bright lights and cameras, has his picture snapped with the mayor, announces the opening of a ski lift or golf course, predicts six more weeks of fabulous NY weather and then scurries back into his hidey hole until the next snapshot "news" filler opportunity rolls around. Most recently he popped up long enough to sniff at the wind and share a friendly NY minute with CNN's Judy Woodruff.

[. . .]

Pataki: And this president understands that you don't just pat yourself on the back and declare a victory. You look to see how you can continue to move forward. And that's what this president is doing.

[. . .]

Entire post.

Yup, that's our little Georgie. Remember 'mission accomplished', putz?

Yeah, I stole the picture too. It's just one of my things, sorry, but I love photgraphic evidence of President Fuckup's fuckups.

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