Tuesday, August 3, 2004

A tree grows in Brooklyn

Another New Yorker who has to deal with these new terror alerts. BTW, he works just down the street from Mrs. F. From Glen at A Brooklyn Bridge:

[. . .]

First, I saw a couple of misleading reports that New York, northern New Jersey, and Washington are now on orange alert. Most got it right, but lest there be any confusion: New York City has been on orange alert since the system was introduced. Welcome to the neighborhood, folks.

(Parenthetically, the Holland Tunnel was closed to eastbound commercial traffic at midnight. The Williamsburg Bridge was apparently closed to westbound commercial traffic around 11:00 pm. Driving is going to be worse than usual for a while. Potential visitors should take note.)

[. . .]

Second, the conventional wisdom is that, in the event of another attack, the people would rally 'round the flag, happily draped on George's shoulders, Kerry would be trounced (assuming that the election was held, eventually or at all), yadda, yadda. But is the conventional wisdom wise?

[. . .]

Third, if New York, Washington, or some other place is attacked, National Guard and reservists are stationed several thousand miles from where we would need them. Voters might notice that, too.

Fourth, many bytes and trees have given their all to the "debate," does Osama want Bush or Kerry in the White House. That's a no brainer. A few days after September 11, I saw people in Berlin, Ottawa, and Paris singing "The Star Spangled Banner"; I cried. Now? George is held in contempt, suspicion, or outright hostility by a plurality of Americans, most allies, and almost all of the Islamic world (including the moderate or bribable oligarchs). Though most average people abroad would still sympathize with average people here, we'll find ourselves more overstretched and more isolated than before. (At that point, it's likely that talk about a draft will become more than just talk.) None of that works to our advantage.

Last, is it factual or political? I have no idea. New York Senator Charles Schumer was on local news last night at 11; he says it factual; I earnestly hope he's right. The problem is that George & Co. have spun, manipulated information, and just plain lied so many times in the past four years. That's why the question can even be asked. Nice job, George. Sorry for your foot wound.

Entire post.

On 9/12 we could have gone after any place in the world and the rest of the world would have gone with us. Now, only Tony Blair would even consider it. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bush. You've turned the brightly lit, beacon of freedom known as America into nothing more than a dark alley and you're the guy with the 3-card Monte table at the end. Rat fucking bastid.

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