Monday, January 17, 2005

Back to 'this'

The DNC leadership thing. Shakespeare's Sister and I were on this last week, and I found this at That Colored Fella's place this morning.

TCF was very impressed with Peter Beinert (Editor The New Republic), sitting in this week as a panelist on The McLaughlin Group. He held his ground, leaving no doubt he would not be an intimidated appeaser (see Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page), however his prediction that Simon Rosenberg would be the next Democratic National Committee chairman, annoyed me.

[. . .]

I saw the show too. And that old fool McLaughlin said that Tim Roemer would be the next DNC Chair (the only reason I watch is for Eleanor Clift). Now, I am instinctively leaning towards Howard Dean, just 'cause I liked him from square one; when he announced his candidacy for President. He might be a nut, but he has convictions and he stands by 'em, come what may.

Thing is, I heard a lot of good things about Simon Rosenberg. I like the co-chair solution someone offered, because they have complimentary strengths. Rosenberg the administrator, Dean the agitator, out rousing the base while Rosenberg works within the Beltway. That ain't happening, not when Pelosi and Reid are leaning Roemer. Note: write to them and tell them they are backing the wrong guy.

Gotta learn more, but us Dems should take an active role in this leadership decision. Let's not leave it to the politicians, let them know your feelings on the subject. Let your local Party people know too. We need the best chance to win the '06 midterms, and maybe reclaim one Chamber of Congress. We need the momentum going into '08, and the next leader of the DNC is the first step toward achieving that goal . . . or not.

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