Monday, January 17, 2005

Martin Luther King Would Fuck Bush's Shit Up

With all the nice stuff everybody's saying about Dr. King on his namesake day, this one from The Rude Pundit is most refreshing. RP says you don't have to scroll down anymore but if you do, it's 1/17.
And that's why King would fuck Bush's shit up, and the reason why Democrats oughta take a look at King beyond his having had a dream and his having been to the mountaintop and his having been assassinated. Because King knew - he fucking knew - that one thing that made him a leader of the disenfranchised is that he spoke their language. Even as those around him believed (and some still believe) that King made a mistake in his expansion of his movement, King knew that no one is truly free until we all are free. He had to bring whites into the movement on a broad basis or the fight was never going to end. He had to undercut the trump card of the powerful in their ability to divide the underclasses, and that meant owning the rhetorical God to the point that whenever God is mentioned, the automatic association is with the civil rights, economic justice, and anti-war movements (think of how successful the right is in the use of the word "Christian"). Look at the speech up there. King is not conditional here - he says, "when you are right, God will fight your battle."

The thing is that as Democrats scramble like rutting hedgehogs on the last day of the forest fuckfest to find someone, anyone who will represent them to "the people," they'd be wise to look at how King used "God" in his speeches. See, in the Sister Pollard story, "God" for King represents the poor, the beaten, the disenfranchised, and if that God is on your side, then how can the powerful win? If someone could genuinely lasso that rhetoric and have the balls to use God against Bush in very clear, unambiguous, loud tones, then the right will be thrown into disarray - what will they have if they don't have God? Bush? Oh, fuck, they'll be running into the streets of D.C., screaming, coming up with new gods to worship. There will be blood orgies at the Watergate the likes of which that town hasn't seen since Ronald Reagan smeared himself with pig feces and demanded the cherries of a dozen College Republican girls be popped in front of him as he masturbated slowly, deliberately, eyes glazed over with mad power and semi-deified glory.

Now that's more like it! I think he's advocating ripping the club of God out of the hands of those who have co-opted it and beating them to death with it. I was just gonna use a reg'lar ol' Louisville Slugger. Hey, whatever works.

Here's what Wolcott has to say about it:
He's right, of course. Because MLK was a man. The faith he embodied and professed wasn't fanaticism hiding behind pursed lips, as Bush's is. King faced down his fears. Bush represses his under rodeo bravado, strutting his stuff before applause-machine audiences that he reassure him that he's top gun.

Hey, James, when ya got an inferiority complex like Bush's, ya gotta make up stuff to strut.

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