Thursday, January 20, 2005

Go figure

Thomas Friedman in NYT via Atrios:

[. . .]

Funnily enough, the one country on this side of the ocean that would have elected Mr. Bush is not in Europe, but the Middle East: it's Iran, where many young people apparently hunger for Mr. Bush to remove their despotic leaders, the way he did in Iraq.

An Oxford student who had just returned from research in Iran told me that young Iranians were "loving anything their government hates," such as Mr. Bush, "and hating anything their government loves." Tehran is festooned in "Down With America" graffiti, the student said, but when he tried to take pictures of it, the Iranian students he was with urged him not to. They said it was just put there by their government and was not how most Iranians felt.

Iran, he said, is the ultimate "red state." Go figure.

So, Fidel is lecturing us on human rights abuses and the Iranians love Bush. There is something wrong with the Universe. I think I'm gonna buy a military surplus Minuteman silo from the Air Force, move me, the Mrs., and the Princess into it, and seal the motherfucker up. Shit's just crazy. I was thinking maybe Gitmo wouldn't be too bad (warm, ocean breezes, scantily-clad brown women), but with my luck, they'd ensconce me at Thule, Greenland. I like the silo idea better.

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