Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Subjective 'values'

[. . .]

As you know, dress and appearance are an important reflection of our Christian values. "We are what we wear," as the saying goes, and according to this edict, your own daughters [Jenna & NotJenna], bejeweled and bedecked in garments that plunge of neckline and cling of fabric, cannot be said to reflect the deeply-held believes of the tens of millions of "values voters" who sent you back to that highest office in the land.

[. . .]


Lewis Sheldrick
Coalition for Traditional Values

Beverley Hayden
Concerned Women of America

Robert Wilder
American Family Organization

Randy Thomas
Campaign for Families

Dennis Patton
Silver Ring Thing

Sandy Slokum
Defend Our Marriages

Roy deLong
Baptist Leadership Council

Seems like the Bush family doesn't quite measure up. From Kevin T. Kieth at Lean Left.

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