Friday, January 21, 2005

Oh Canada?

Two posts struck me. Tresy, over at Corrente, has emigrated north of the border:

[. . .]

From our new home we will continue the same fight as before, and invite others to join us. (We learn daily of more who are.) To those who can't or won't, don't misunderstand: They also subvert, who merely get up and leave.

And Pam is thinking about it:

. . . My question to those of you willing to speak up, was should we stay and fight? Kate and I need some convincing, as we felt the warmth of total acceptance by all of the folks we came in contact with in lovely Vancouver. . .

My 2 cents? I'm a stand and fight kinda guy. This is my country too, dammit, and I'm not letting any idiot in Washington weasel it out from under me. When I leave, I'm going because the Mrs. and I are retiring in the place where we fall in love again each time we visit. But I ain't leaving until we've won the fight. I'd rather go out in a box than run away from Bush and his cartel. They don't scare me, and the more criminal shit they do, the madder I'm gonna get, and that will reinforce my drive to stay and fight. That's just me.

I can understand Pam's motivation though. Were I part of a gay couple, I'd probably consider moving to Canada as well. It'll get a lot worse for them here before it gets better.

Besides, much as I treasure the memories of playing hockey in Toronto one winter, it's too fucking cold up there.

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