Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The anti-American president

Vox Day is described as a "Christian libertarian". I never heard of him before, but I like some of the things he says - particularly the phrase "Three Monkey Republicans". He has a thing or two to say about Bush.

America was founded on the principle that it is right to sacrifice blood for liberty. It is telling that the Bush defenders make precisely the opposite argument, that it is right to sacrifice liberty in order to avoid the shedding of American blood. In this they are, like the Dear Leader, avowedly anti-American.

That George Bush is in open and repeated violation of his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution is no longer debatable. In keeping with his many anti-constitutional actions, he has publicly declared that he has no way of knowing what is, and what is not constitutional.

This attitude, while hardly unique in Washington, should be absolutely anathema to every American of all political stripes. And it appears that Americans are increasingly turning away from the president in rightful disgust. A recent poll here on WorldNetDaily showed that 45 percent of WND readers - who tend to lean strongly Republican - believe that George Bush deserves to be impeached.

I have heard the Snoopgate deal described as "security" versus "liberty". Bullshit. It's much more important than that.

It's "liberty" versus "fascism". So was World War Two, from our perspective. The Free World and the Communist World ganged up on fascism and defeated it, but this time resurgent fascism is being imposed from within, not from without. The Communsts aren't going to be any help.

The rest of the world is watching to see how we, the American people, handle it. They want to see if our brand of lackadaisical civic involvement and lip service to Democracy really works, and Bush is the biggest internal test it has ever faced.

This time, liberty, democracy, and the Constitution are ours to defend. Or lose forever on American soil.

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