Saturday, December 24, 2005

They've used it up

The carefully crafted plan for domination of the world (and its oil resources) is coming apart. Now that I look at it, it was a one shot deal. It was built so well, the gift of 9/11 to the Chimp was the icing on the cake, or the plan would never have come off the ground, maybe not have even been attempted. But they had no contingency for failure. They didn't anticipate it, couldn't allow themselves to even consider failure, and thus never planned for it.

It was years in the making, over a decade at least, since the first Gulf War. Were it not for the first Bush's failure (on election day, not in Iraq), the plan would have been implemented before the turn of the century. Iraq would have been revisited after Bush 1's second term, for that was when Bush 2 was to take the throne. Clinton killed that, and the Chimp would not have been elected in '00 had he lost to an incumbent Clinton in '96. It is perfectly

So there was this plan, where we could get to Baghdad in a couple weeks, maybe less, complete and total victory over Saddam's decimated army (remember Gulf 1?), and control of the 2nd largest (maybe the largest if some experts are to be believed) oil reserves. Two...three weeks to control of the world's most lucrative commodity. Of course we would be victorious, because we would have been victorious in Gulf 1 had only Bush 1 been resolute enough, not blinked when it came to overthrowing the oil-rich tyrant. We knew better this time, knew what to do, knew we would be welcomed as liberators (Chalabi told us so), and the oil would be ours (or at least in control of one of our puppets).

And then came September 11th and they knew they could not fail. Even liberals stood with the President, and they knew they had the power they needed. They had the Press, for none would question the 'war Presdent', and the sycophants and hangers-on came out of the woodwork to join the cause. They played the game well, playing to the far right base to create a diversion in the form of 'culture skirmishes' over everything from Intelligent Design to the Ten Commandments to the Confederate Flag. It allowed them to continue the game long after it had been played out. Had it not been for media manipulation since 9/11, Bush would never have won a second term. It was a masterful exercise, but it was designed for the 20th Century and it failed miserably. The game is over and it's just a matter of how the mess is cleaned up.

I believe it because of this from Matt Taibbi:


Up until now this president's solution to everything has been to stare into the cameras, lie and keep on lying until such time as the political problem disappears. And now, unable to comprehend that while political crises may wilt in the face of such tactics, real crises do not, he and his team are responding to this first serious feet-to-the-fire Iraq emergency in the same way they always have -- with a fusillade of silly, easily disprovable bullshit. Bush and his mouthpieces continue to try to obfuscate and cloud the issue of why we're in Iraq, and they do so not only selectively but constantly, compulsively, like mental patients who can't stop jacking off in public. They don't know the difference between a real problem and a political problem, because to them, there is no difference. What could possibly be worse than bad poll numbers?


There was no plan for failure and they don't know how to deal with it. They fall back to what has given them success in the past. But this is why I say it was a plan for the last century. They didn't understand the nature of the Internet and didn't plan for it.

Oh yes, they know it is an excellent avenue to disseminate propaganda to the masses via Assrocket, Goldberg, World Nut Daily, and others, but they didn't count on our side being able to do research. Just as they didn't expect resistance from the Iraqis, they didn't plan for it from us (and I mean everyone opposed to what the Republican Party has done to this nation), or at least our pushback was stronger than expected. In their arrogance, they believed they could control information so completely their propaganda could never be fact-checked, never be called on their transgressions, their failures.

I think they realized it not long after the insurgency began in Iraq, not long after the Chimp's 'Mission Accomplished' moment, that victory would not come as easily as they'd planned. I believe it was a turning point, when 'Homeland Security' morphed into 'Republican Security', when they knew the plan would no longer sustain itself. It was the 'whatever it takes' moment, because they knew the plan was done.

We're at the stage of desperation, the most worrisome because a cornered, wounded animal is at its most dangerous. The 'MSM' is already using the I-word, scandal after scandal has hit the Republicans since the Downing Street Memos were exposed, and now the evidence that the vast intelligence machine of the U.S. government has been turned against Americans...American citizens. The plan is dying.

Yes, they might continue in office for another 2 1/2 years, for the apathetic, the compromised, the disenchanted, and the stupid will continue in their previous roles and the Republican Party is still powerful. They might still be successful for I doubt there is any low they would not stoop to in order to win, and that's what troubles me. I feel there might be a time when they believe they have nothing left to lose and openly attempt to create a dictatorship in this nation, a coup d'Constitution if you will. They will have to at some point for we know that at the end of this, the Republican Party will be more severely crippled than they were after Watergate.

Yes, folks, this is the end of the 'Grand Plan'. It has been exposed in all its insidious glory. There is no need for them to lie anymore, it is plain for all (save the stupid and sycophantic, for the insiders know exactly what's going on) to see. It's up to those left in government with ethics and principle to drive a stake through the heart of the Republicans' disaster. It must be done now. I beg you to remember this: If they can turn the intelligence community inward, they can certainly do the same with the military. Put nothing past desperate men.

We are entering a very dangerous time.

Thanks to the lovely Jane for the Matt Taibbi link (which you should read in its entirety).
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