Friday, December 23, 2005

Made it...

Started the day with heave-hos rancheros at the Donner Lake Kitchen. It was all downhill from there, at least as far as Sacramento. On that part of I-80 you can tell when you're catchin' up to a big rig miles ahead of time. I love the smell of fryin' truck brakes in the morning!

On the 200-mile stretch of I-5, I just stayed a good interval behind trucks as much as I could. You get to see a lot of nice new cars that way, when they fly past in the hot lane. There was enough traffic that it looked like a parade of (speeding) circus elephants, each one's trunk holding the tail of the one in front. Those city drivers follow each other way too close (worse: they follow me way too close), and they are forever hittin' their brakes and making the brake lights come on. Like they could stop in time if they ever had to! You should never need your brakes just runnin' down the superslab if you're doin' it right.

West on SR 41 to 46 (the intersection where James Dean was killed) to US 101 and here we are at the beautiful, centrally located, and pretty cheap Premier Inn in Pismo Beach. Terrific view of the Pacific Ocean from our door. Also of K-Mart, but this joint is 50 bucks a night cheaper than the fancy place we had to stay at T'giving. Other than that, the only functional difference is dial-up instead of wireless service. For $50 per, I can live with it.

The phone you hook up to is on the nightstand and the closest wall plug is across the room. Note to self: add an extension cord to mini-Hal's accessory suite. I have no idea how long the battery lasts in one of these things, so see ya later.

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