Thursday, December 22, 2005

Take, take, take

That's the difference between the 'conservatives' and the Left. If you boil it all down, it is just that, 'taking' vs. 'giving'

The Repubs want to take away our rights.
The Left wants to preserve them.

The Repubs want to take away entitlement programs from the elderly and poor.
The Left wants to preserve them.

The Repubs want to legislate what you do in your bedroom.
The Left wants to preserve your privacy and allow consenting adults to feel love no matter their persuasion.

The Repubs say you must worship a god and a certain one at that.
The Left says you can worship whoever the hell you want, or nothing at all, as long as you don't force others to do the same.

The Repubs do not believe they should help their fellow Americans when a cataclysm leaves them destitute.
The Left believes we are one big family and we should take care of our own.

I think it's easy to tell right from wrong, easy to decide who represents the core values our nation was founded upon. I'd even venture to put forth that Jesus would have a big problem with what the Republican Party has done in His name.

Why would anyone treat our seniors like second-class citizens after they've broke their butts for 40 or 50 years? Especially take advantage of what should be the exalted portion of our society to enrich the millionaires of Big Pharma.

Why would anyone (let's face it, God does as much talking to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell that he does to me) demand their religion be given a place of distinction over all the others practiced in this nation, going totally contrary to the principles of our foundation?

How can people watch their countrymen dying in the aftermath of a natural disaster and not lift a finger to help?

How can people willingly sacrifice the lives of their children to a war which is ill-considered at best and downright criminal at worst, at the word of leaders whose disdain for the military is legendary? For a war whom the only winners are Halliburton and its subsidiaries? Hint: they have the same disdain for your loved one; the only reason they feign respect for our military now is because it furthers their agenda. Halliburton is the reason for the Iraq War.

How can people willingly abdicate their rights to a man whose penchant for lying is also legendary and believe him when he says 'trust me to do the right thing'? Do you believe he only lied to the Left and to that meddlesome MSM? Do you feel he won't lie to you? Note to non-insider conservatives: You're about as necessary to the big shots as I am. The only difference between you and me is they can count on your vote. Once that goes away, you'll be sharing a cell next to me in Gitmo. The bright side is I can grow dope anywhere and Cuba has an excellent climate. We'll at least be stoned when they shove lightsticks up our asses.

And why would people who consider themselves 'Christian' support this agenda? Either you're that gullible, that hateful, or just that stupid. Word: Jesus preached tolerance and enlightenment. Think about it.

This country was founded by people escaping religious persecution, people escaping government meddling in their personal lives, and what have we become? We show disdain for people who are not white and Protestant. We close our borders and threaten our neighbors, neighbors who are also long-time friends. We kill close to a hundred thousand people whose only crime against us was having a leader who 'tried to kill mah daddy' and the fact they have huge oil reserves. We attempt to plunder natural resources not for our survival but for our profit, using any means possible to drill for oil in the last pristine wilderness in the US. This is what you have done to my country.

One day, many years in the future, when another, more enlightened race visits the dead planet known as Earth and finds the remains of a once great society that thrived here, they will probably attempt to discover what led to our downfall. It would not surprise me if their studies pointed to this time, this age of humanity where our greed and our egos began to get the best of us. On that day, from the depths of Hell, I will stand up and spit in the face of those who enabled it.

So I ask you, whose side is Jesus really on?

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