Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm not the only one

Who's got a problem with Barack Obama. And for the same reasons as Matt.


Why not? Many reasons. Go back to Peter's report, and read it. Powerful actors, like the top-down media, will not attack the President unless they think he's weak. But to make the case that he is weak, he must be treated with contempt, and that cannot happen when party leaders like Barack Obama simply refuse to act creatively and risk driving up their disapproval ratings. I ask, for instance, why in speeches is Obama saying that Bush is not a bad man? Why is he saying that Bush loves his country? How does that help us make the case that Bush is a liar and a fraud? It doesn't. It in fact undercuts our case, and the fact is, we are right and he is wrong, and it is important that our case base be made. I know I'm going to get pushback in the comments, but let me ask you this. What in the world is the difference between Tweety saying that "Everybody sort of likes the president, except for the real whack-jobs" and Senator Obama saying that Bush isn't a bad man and loves his country? They are both echoes of the same conventional wisdom line that those who dislike the President are bitter angry vicious crazy partisans consumed by hatred, instead of Nobel prize winning scientists and professionals fed up with the systematic looting of the country by a gang of right-wing white collar criminals. Politics is about character, and George W. Bush and the right-wingers who support him simply don't have much. It's that, and not policy differences, that separates the two parties.


In fairness, it's not just Barack. It's also the other Dems who fancy themselves 'Centrists'. The thing that pisses me off about Obama is that he was the Golden Boy. He had the platform and the audience, and he's wasted it. Because of his race, he would have been able to stand up and call things as he saw them and the racist Repubs would have been handcuffed, unable to direct their hate-filled vitriol toward him for fear of being stuck with the label they so appropriately deserve. And what does Ol' Barack say?

...Let me say this - I don't think that George Bush is a bad man. I think he loves his country...

Well, that's a big fucking help. Note to Barack, and to Dems in general. This pussy ass talk isn't helpful. You're a black man, goddammit, stand up for your people who've been fucked over the most by the Chimp and his criminal enterprise.

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