Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Transit Strike

I just saw a guy on the news, walking across the Brooklyin Bridge. He was heading from Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn to 128th St. in Harlem. A walk I wouldn't want on a warm, sunny day let alone at 5:30 a.m. with a temp of 20 and a wind chill of 11.

Mrs. F talked to her cousin who lives on the Upper West Side and their entertainment yesterday was hanging out at 96th St. (There are no cars allowed south of 96th without 4 people in them), watching people try to talk the cops into letting them pass with less (yes, we have roadblocks up all over the place). This is the NYPD, ladies and germs, they've heard every bullshit line you can think of. You ain't getting downtown without a full load.

And I was correct yesterday when I said I thought most people who would have driven into the city took the day off. Watching the traffic report this morning, I see I'm gonna have to leave the house a bit early.

This is getting ugly.


Stupid shit on the road this morning. They shouldn't let people who've taken the train since the last strike (1980) suddenly drive. A normal 30-35 minute trip took me an hour.

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