Saturday, December 31, 2005

Economics 101

Stolen from Attaturk:

We all know that outside of blowing up some foreign swarthies the thing you loved most is money. If anything you obsess over your stock market earnings more than most. So I'd like you to pay attention to this particular statistic.

When "the Clenis" took office in January 1993, the stock market stood at about 3,500. When "the Clenis" left office in January 2001, the stock market was at 10,588.

In nearly five years, what has "Mr. Deficit" the Chimperor Disgustus accomplished for your market portfolio?

Yesterday, the market closed at 10,717.50. Five years into the Clinton presidency it stood at about 8,000 (more than double).

In short, why the fuck are you voting Republican?

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