Monday, December 26, 2005

A GOP Christmas

Yes, the War on Christmas goes on...or at least the War on Christmas Spirit. I can only ask, what would Jesus think?


The government's home heating supplement now stands at a half or less of what the poor will need if predictions of a harsh winter pan out and fuel bills increase 25 percent. Various studies have established that, in a pinch, the poor scrimp on food purchases in order to meet heating bills. Yet Congress's stinginess is being compounded by the administration's recent decision to reject a request from New York and several other states to increase food stamp outlays to the poor as fuel bills mount.


Instead of incessantly yelling 'Christmas, Christmas, Christmas', maybe we should remember the spirit of Christ's teachings instead of bandying his name about in false piousness. I'm about sick and tired of folks who demand others say 'Merry Christmas', yet are the same ones who support the war in Iraq and all the crimes associated with it. I don't remember Jesus teaching 'Peace on Earth and goodwill toward white Protestants'. It's about time you people began to live your faith.

Like my grandmother always said, 'actions speak far louder than words'. My Jewish wife is far more 'christian' than most of you who claim to be.

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