Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Meme-tagged 2

Good thing for Mr. C he has a pretty wife and pretty cat.

Four jobs you've had: Farm hand (chicken farm), tree surgeon (peon for a tree surgeon really), auto parts driver, mechanic.

Four movies you can watch over and over: The American President, the Indiana Jones series, the first 3 Star Wars movies, The Hunt for Red October, honorable mentions: Sabrina and Dave.

Four places you've lived: Long Island, NY; Hauenstein, Germany; Osan, South Korea; Ft. Worth, TX.

Four TV shows you love watch: NCIS, Law & Order, Murder, She Wrote reruns, any Star Trek reruns except for the original series.

Four places you've been on vacation: Every goddamned island in the Caribbean, Paris, London, Mexico.

Four websites you visit daily: Cleek, WTF Is It Now??, Shakes, Skippy, and almost every other one on the blogroll.

Four of your favorite foods: Burgers, Escargots (Hell, anything French), caviar, bagels and lox.

Four places I'd rather be: Paris, Sedona, AZ, a private island in the South Pacific, anywhere there's no such thing as winter.

Old White Lady
Angry Old Broad
Froggy a.k.a DBK
Grandpa Eddie
Yer 'it'.

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