Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Yeah, how come?

John at AMERICAblog asks:


Wow, very bad people who have a history of blowing up commuter trains, weddings and churches, yet Bush never sought a court order to conduct the snooping because he thought a court wouldn't let him?! Huh? Let me repeat, the people they spied on "have a history of blowing up trains, weddings and churches." If that's true, then any court in the land would haven given Bush a search warrant.

But there's a larger question. If Bush is now telling the truth about who these people are, then pray tell, what the hell was Bush doing letting hundreds if not thousands of people "who have a history of blowing up trains, wedding and churches" run around free inside the US for the past 4 years?


Yeah, whatever happend to 'Homeland Security' and 'fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here'? Have your efforts been so fruitless, are you that worried to force the decision to spy on literally every American? Let's get real, data mining and illegal wiretaps are only being used for one thing; spying on the American people for the political gain of the Republican Party. Any Repub who fails to condemn this policy should be considered an accomplice to it. Like I've been saying, the Republican Party is no longer a political organization, it is a criminal enterprise.

Hat tip: Atrios


To wit:

President Bush and other top officials in his administration used the National Security Agency to secretly wiretap the home and office telephones and monitor private email accounts of members of the United Nations Security Council in early 2003 to determine how foreign delegates would vote on a U.N. resolution that paved the way for the U.S.-led war in Iraq, NSA documents show.

Two former NSA officials familiar with the agency's campaign to spy on U.N. members say then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice authorized the plan at the request of President Bush, who wanted to know how delegates were going to vote. Rice did not immediately return a call for comment.


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