Thursday, December 29, 2005

Funnier'n shit, in an un-funny kinda way...

In an article in SCOTUSblog dealing with administration attempts to transfer Jose Padilla to civilian custody so they could charge him with lesser shit than they said he did because they couldn't prove anything after three years, I found the joke of the day:

Responding to the Fourth Circuit's rebuke of the government for supposedly trying to manipulate the courts in the Padilla case, the application said there was "nothing remotely sinister" about what it has done, and said "there is no basis for questioning the good faith of the government" in switching positions to get an indictment of Padilla.

Good technical lawyer stuff if you're interested, with many comments by lawyers if you're in need of inspiration for a nap. Folks get kinda glassy-eyed when we start talkin' about bikes, too, but it's all wonderful stuff!

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