Thursday, May 11, 2006

Men and boys

You may hear me, from time to time, take exception with members of my gender. I call them 'little men'. These are generally the types who think having stuff makes them men, whether it be guns, or cars, or belittling (or beating on) their women (or other little men). I don't have much use for guys like that.

Example: I have a customer who is a gun nut (nothing wrong with that, one of my closest friends is a collector) who always makes it known he's carrying. He's all about the size of the hole. The larger the caliber of the pistol he's carrying, the more bravado he shows. Thing is, you look at him cross-eyed, he gets all flustered and takes off. He wouldn't come into the shop for two weeks because I wrote something derogatory to the President on this blog (Harry showed it to him) and he was afraid the Secret Service would come to pick me up (bring it on) and he would get caught up in it. I doubt, if push came to shove, he could actually shoot somebody, even to save his own life. He's still an Iraq war supporter too, and he's just an insecure little bastid trying to cover his failings with machismo. A note: There's always somebody bigger and badder than you are, regardless of how big and bad you think you are. Being big and bad doesn't make you a man and respect, like democracy, cannot be demanded at the point of a gun.

I call guys like that cowards. Gilliard gets more sociological on us:


Because, no matter their age, they're boys(or girls). They believe daddy Bush will save them, and that if they believe he's strong enough, they will be protected and their side will win. They call names, demand everyone take loyalty oaths and act like boys, unaware of how men act and think.

When faced with broken bodies and a failed war, like abused children, they retreat into a fantasy world. They toss words like race-hustler about, rather than admit America's imperfect attitudes towards race, they demean women instead of dealing with them as equals.


A man, a real man (or woman) would never have to agree to sign something to do the right thing or hide behind words. [T]hey would do it instinctively.


No doubt.

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