Monday, May 8, 2006

Silly me [slaps forehead]

It's all us liberals in the Army and the CIA. That's why the Chimp's policies aren't working. That's why the grand plan for Iraq went awry. Because we're like rats, like cockroaches infesting everything. Digby's on it:


There is a very interesting discussion taking place all over the left blogosphere about how the conservatives have discovered that the entire Republican establishment, particularly the George W. Bush administration, are liberals. Glenn Greenwald has been directly taking on Jonah Goldberg on this subject (which is something like my cat "taking on" his toy mouse), Hunter at DKos has written a lengthy and fascinating explication of the process, and Kevin Drum, in a different vein, discusses political Lysenkoism as the consequence of conservative loyalty over policy.


Yeah, that's it. You see, the Chimp is really a liberal, and so is everybody else in government. An excellent post, replete with gobs of links.

Now, I have a question. Since, for the past 5 years up until the Chimp's popularity ratings went into the toilet, the Chimp and his minions were the 'Great White Saviors' of the 'consevative base'. What happened? Are they really conceding they've been snowed for the past half-decade? Are the conservatives admitting they are really that stupid and gullible?

Just askin'.

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