Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Protest Song of the Day

Jackson Browne. Video. When I saw that, I thought he was re-issuing Running On Empty, given the way the country is going under this administration. Don't worry, he's not.

Also, good articles on the resurgence of protest music in Newsweek and The Boston Globe.

It's certainly time, or maybe a little past time for this. It worked to help change things in decades past by bringing them out in the light, and it's certainly needed now. This is a whole new generation, different times, different problems, with a different outlook and different music. 'Twas ever thus and they're welcome to it. Music can rile up the kids* to vote, or stampede, or whatever it is they do. Us ol' farts are already so pissed off we need music to take our minds off it.

Now, if we can just coax Joanie...

*Anybody under about 40. Or me, on occasion.

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