Thursday, June 8, 2006

I volunteer...

Shakes thinks:

So, the GOP sucks, the Dems suck, the electoral college sucks, and the party-line Congressional districting that all but guarantees 99% of incumbents reelection sucks. I'm thinking, let's just scrap this whole thing and go back to a monarchy...

I've been bugged over the past few years to run for elected office and always dismissed it, but being you're talking. I promise to be benevolent and respect rights, but boy would that be great, not having to watch polls, or have to deal with a belligerent Congress, or be above the law...anyway I think the Mrs. and I would be far better choices for King and Queen* than Shakes' choices.

*Mrs. F would be in charge anyway so you wouldn't have to worry about me doing really stupid shit.

I thought this whole Blogger maintenance thing yesterday was an upgrade? It sucks worse than it did before they 'fixed' it.

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