Friday, June 9, 2006

Weltmeisterschaft '06

The World Cup starts today. Needless to say, my family (and everyone else in Germany) is glued to their TVs. I just hope they replay the game after I get home from work. Looks like I'm gonna miss it live. Yes, I root for the Germans because they're my peeps and I've been a fan since Beckenbauer was playing. If you like soccer, you're gonna see the best in the world play over the next few weeks.

MUNICH, June 8 (SW) - Germany will be set to impress during the 2006 World Cup opening match against Costa Rica on Friday.

The action kicks off in Munich, where hosts Germany face Costa Rica in a Group A clash. Jurgen Klinsmann's side are favorites but their opponents will aim to surprise, as has happened before in opening matches.


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