Friday, June 9, 2006

I'm ba-ack...

Well, I got the new set up an' runnin'. It had its moments, but was less trouble than I expected. Didn't hafta call Bangalore, not even once. That means they got this shit pretty well idiot-proofed, although I did hafta pull my head out of my rear end a few times, but that's normal.

It's a Dementia 510 with 2.8 Gaggin' Floozies (my favorite kind!) and a 19" flat screen monitor. It's kinda like being at a drive-in movie! Everything looks slightly different, more like my laptop than my old monitor. This thing is faster than greased lightning compared to my previous one, which was plenty fast enough for me. I guess that's progress. Kinda reminds me of the ol' 'sickle tramp talkin' about his bike: "Yep, she had a set o' Chattanooga Rattlers an' a speed sprocket. Never knew how fast I wuz goin' cuz she'd twist the speedo cable off at a buck-twenty an' I couldn't afford a new one very often..."

My peripherals all plugged right in, although I still have to load a lot of software. Later. I got dial-up, DSL, Firefox, and a printer. And Zuma, of course! That's like havin' wheels, an engine, and handlebars - enough to getcha down the road. I'll worry about the brakes when I have to stop!

I got all my files, photos, etc., transferred OK, but my Firefox Bookmarks stayed with the old machine. I got most of the ones I use here back from The Best Blogroll and Sidebars In The Business. Thanks, Fixer.

It's time to crank this puppy up and go spray some gravel at the Republicans and other meanies. See ya on the trail.

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