Monday, June 5, 2006


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This is our pal Lurch from Main and Central and Lurch's Page. He's on vacation, traveling around the country, and honored me with a visit today. He's visiting family in the Sierra foothills and made a coupla hunnert mile round trip to do so. Didn't cost him jack shit money-wise, either. He hit the jackpot at some Indian casino somewhere and left a bunch of 'em with nothing left but blankets to sit on! Sweet!

This is the first time that an entity hitherto known to me only in the disembodied typewritten word has presented himself in the flesh, so to speak. In other words, he's the first real live blogger I've ever actually met in person!

We sat on my deck with refreshments and chatted about everything under the Sun that we like: computers, cameras, cars, blogs, our respective locales, life in general - oh, did I mention politics? We dual-computed and showed each other pictures. I conned advised him on a lovely route to take when he heads back east. Death Valley is involved, so if we don't hear from in the next few weeks we'll go look for his bleached bones. Dibs on his Exploder.

He's a nice guy. We had a great visit and he's welcome back any time.

We correspond all the time over these internets with folks we don't know much about: what they look and sound like, where they live, etc. None of that really matters. We find folks far removed from us that are of like mind and intellect, a nation-wide linkage if you will, and we know from this that we are not alone in our thinking. To get to actually meet one of the best of 'em, not to mention actually liking him, was a big thrill.

If he isn't nice to me, I'll show you the other picture I took of him!

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