Thursday, June 8, 2006

Let them teach

Our pal, and really smart guy, The Chemist talks about chemophobia:


As you might expect, this has the potential to further dampen interest in the sciences (especially chemistry) in the US, where science education is already sorely lacking.


Ha! I wonder how many school district policies I violate every time I do an in-class demonstration? I let kids fire off guncotton, break shit with liquid nitrogen, perform exothermic oxidations, handle and pour weak acids and bases, and other things that are scary sounding but perfectly safe. The students love it, and it's way more interesting for the whole class if one of their peers is blowing something up rather than if they're just sitting there watching me do it.


The science teachers I remember were the ones who let us do shit. Is this whole world turning into a buncha pussies or something? Everybody lives in sealed climate-controlled homes, there's a HEPA filter on everything, and nobody's kids play in the dirt anymore. You wonder why your kids have asthma, or are allergic to every fucking thing? Because they've never built up a tolerance to anything. Same thing with chemistry or anything else that might be 'dangerous'. Let the teachers teach and let the kids learn by doing. So what if they blow off a finger. That's why they issue you ten of 'em.

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