Sunday, June 4, 2006

Up against the wall

These motherfuckers deserve nothing more than a firing squad and to be buried in a pigsty afterward:


The AP article said that Custer Battles inflated cost claims to $9.8 million for work that actually cost $3.7 million, an increase of 162 percent when the max profit margin is 25 percent. [ed. note: I don't think any company that is looking to profit in a war-torn nation is going to be conservative on the profit margins.] One example of the deliberate overcharging:


Earlier this year, retired Brigadier General Hugh Tant testified in the war profiteering trial of CB that the contract to distribute Iraq's new currency was "probably the worst I have ever seen in over 30 years" in the Army. He continued:

After Tant spoke of the broken-down trucks delivered on the Custer Battles contract, he testified that Battles responded: "You asked for trucks and we complied with our contract and it is immaterial whether the trucks were operational or not."


And this guy Custer (yes, he is related to the 'military genius', runs in the family I guess) is a former Army Ranger and Agency operator. He should be 'Abu Ghraibed' before they put the bullet in his head. This is why I have a problem with 'contractors' in a war zone. I give shit what you call 'em, they're mercenaries to me, be they 'security' or truck drivers, and have sold their souls and their honor.

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